The 5 Most Gay Friendly Holiday Destinations in the World

Credit: Christian Buehner
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Looking forward to a lovely fun-filled vacation with your partner? I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most gay-friendly holiday destinations around the globe. Get your bags ready!

Searching for a gay-friendly tourist destination for your next trip? I searched out some pretty interesting rainbow-coloured spectrum places that are inclusive and surrounded by activities that will have you considering a re-location. Excited yet? Let’s get into it!

Tel Aviv, Israel

The best time to show up at this location is when Tel Aviv Pride is happening. Not much about this beautiful city hasn’t been said already. It’s lit up with colour, lights, and the best energy possible.

Credit: Guy Yechiely

Credit: Guy Yechiely

If you’re looking for a place where you can feel safe, dance and be accepted then I can’t recommend this city enough! It’s full of art, diversity, nightlife, music, and cuisine.

A perfect adventure harbour for an LGBTQ+ couple. Got those seat flights booked yet? Oh yes, don’t miss out on the beach.


Rome, Italy

Apart from breathtaking views, Rome gifts us with an amazing gay-life that is both tons of fun and easy-going. The locals you’ll find at international and local events are always willing to help you find your way around the city.

With views and historical buildings that are picture-perfect, what says a gay-friendly holiday destination quite like Italy? Of special mention is Gay Street, which is located right behind the Colosseum.

Everyone is super friendly here, and its the ideal place to get your first drinks of the night. You’ll learn a lot about the area, which places to try-out and your next Italian club to discover.

The most popular clubs are Muccassassina in the winter and Gay Village in summer. You’re welcome! *wink wink*


Canada is easily one of the most LGBTQ+ progressive countries in the world. The gay-life in Canada is thriving and there are even rainbow-crosses in almost every city.

There are also gazillions of gay events that are celebrated throughout the year. Toronto Pride especially is a crowd-gatherer, boasting around 1.6k million people annually.

You know a party is that good when everyone wants to attend. Try out Niagra Falls and Canadian Rookies for that WOW effect.

Don’t hesitate to grab your partners’ hand in public whenever you feel like it. You’re very safe in this location.

Madrid, Spain

This location has been voted as one of the friendliest gay resorts ever! To be honest, I totally get it.

First of all, Madrid Pride is HUGE and there are so many gay events happening in almost every city in Spain. This includes the rural towns, which is quite a rare thing to come across. Spain easily ticks all the boxes for the most preferred destination for gay couples.

Apart from that, they have delicious food that will have you wagging your tongue from one into the next. Then, of course, there are the views, museums and iconic buildings. Absolute recommend!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This list would be useless without the first country to ever legalize LGBTQ+ rights and laws in the world. No one comes out to anyone because hey, it’s the Netherlands!

This trailblazer of a destination features the best gay scene in the capital in the form of Reguliersdwarsstraat gay village.

You can never run out of where to go and things to do at the many gay cafes, shops, bars, and clubs.

Popular parties to give a spin include PrikSoHoCafe RealityClub NYXBear Necessity, and Club YOLO – and these are just a handful mentionable off the top of my head!

Outside of Amsterdam, cities like Rotterdam boast of a number of gay spots, but nothing comparable to majestic Amsterdam.

This is the most progressive country you’ll find with open-minded people who are wonderfully friendly. Also, another country where you won’t be afraid to hold hands in public!

So where are you headed?

This list barely touches the surface but it opens the door to many other destinations that are almost as equally amazing to visit. I’d love to hear about which one sounded more exciting enough to plan a visit in the comments section below.

Now that your vacation is set, know any friend getting ready for a date? Be the one to help them on How to avoid awkward silences on a first date. They’ll thank you for it!

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