The Secret To Keeping Conversation Flowing On Date Night With Your Spouse

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Struggling to keep the conversation flowing on date night with your partner? Here are a few tips to keep it fresh.

Photo Credit: Sheri Hooley

So you’ve finally settled into your paradise.

Waking up next to the love of your life is awesome. You come home to them every day and share a meal. Then have the same conversations about office politics and domestic chores. Not so fun anymore after a five-year loop is it?

Well, guess what? You can change that. Yes, you. I’m betting you’ve complained about the set routine for years, hoping your partner would make the first move but here you are.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being the first initiator of change. You’re not subtly telling your partner they are boring. You’re communicating that a variety of routine is possible and you’d love to explore it. It says that you’d love to still feel like you’re dating them.

Anywho, if you’re finding that the silence between the two of you is stretching out longer on date night, here are a few tips that are sure to switch your situation around. Yes, the topics you dance around might still be office politics and chores but this time it’ll be more wholesome. Ready?

Change of time

Yes, it’s date night but there’s no rule to this.

Schedule your special day with your partner at a different time of the day. Make sure you check if it’s okay with them too, however. There’s nothing more awkward than a partner who keeps checking the time or murmuring about how the timing isn’t quite right.

Lunch is a good time to consider. Depending on where you end up, this will be a great opportunity to get a refreshing change of conversation topics. From discussing the chosen place, your gorgeous outfit, and planning skills, how’s that for a switch of routine?

Keep it wallet-friendly

Unless you’re planning on breaking the news of a lottery win you might want to pick a venue that is terrific in appearance as much as it is on your pockets.

Remember, the plan is to clear off any other woes that you already have. Financial stress shouldn’t end up on the list as soon as date night has begun.

The best plan would be to have your monthly budgets in place before deciding. If your date nights are weekly, stay in budget as much as if they are monthly.

In the event that all this seems impossible then stay in and have your date night still. Buy a bottle of wine that both of you can enjoy after the kids have gone off to bed. Or plan a special meal that both of you can enjoy secretly.

Conversation prompting questions

You have to admit it, open-ended questions are far less intimidating when compared to direct “yes or no” response questions.

Another thing? It’s difficult to create a conversation based on closed questions. Ask your spouse questions like, ” What is the nicest thing I have done for you recently?”, “What are three things that I do that you couldn’t live without?”, or ” Today was fun because_________?”. 

These easily prompt conversations that are simple to continue building up on and you’ll likely get loads of laughter from the interesting responses.

Photo Credits: Kevin Laminto

Connect throughout the day

No, this isn’t in reference to the transactional conversations you swap throughout the day. I’m talking about flavorful conversations that show you care and that you have fun stuff scheduled over the weekend.

This will make them feel less stressed especially if they are having a tough day. It’ll actually make you a form of a Superhuman in their subconscious.

Who will appreciate all those compliments on date night later on? Yes, you.

Throw assumptions out the window!

After having spent years with your partner, it’s easy to believe you know all there is to them. Well, this date night is special.

Ask the needful questions. Pay attention and respond specifically to assure them that you’re listening to them.

Assuming you know why they are moody or upset won’t help to push the conversation. If you’re certain your assumptions are true to life then mention them so that you’re sure you’re on the same page.

Keeping the spark alive in relationships always requires active effort. This list aims to remind you that your significant other is an individual that requires care and curiosity.

If you turn their buttons on carefully, they’ll be sure to notice and return the favor. I’d love to hear about your secrets to keeping the conversation flowing smoothly with your sweetheart. Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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