The Secret to Keeping Conversation Flowing On A First Date

Credit: Matt W Newman
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Got a first date coming up? Nervous about breaking the ice and keeping it melted? Here are some secrets that can keep your conversation flowing on a first date.

Meeting a new face is always a bit of a throw off. Especially if they are attractive and you’re trying to make your interests known.

These quick tips are fantastic because they give you just what you need to make the date successful: good rich conversation.

Let’s get into them right away.

  1. Admit that you feel nervy. 

There’s absolutely no shame in bringing this up right at the beginning. It’s a natural response and chances are that your date feels the same way. Talking about it will actually ease the air between the two of you and possibly bring in a chuckle or two. Total ice-breaker.

2. Less talk about yourself

People who speak of themselves too much are the easiest human creatures to dislike. They come off as blinded to human plight! No. That’s too much, I’m kidding. Only talk about yourself as a way to ask questions. Listen more and maintain eye-contact – it shows that you’re listening and you care about what your date has to say.

3. Keep your phone down

Better off your phone should be on silent. Responding to calls, constantly checking on it, and paying noticeable attention to it makes it seem as if you’re bored plus likely have somewhere else better to be. If you can’t help it, wait until your date excuses themselves for the restroom then indulge.

4. Keep your guts from spilling

Easy does it. Intimacy can’t be rushed or else it comes off as something else. Ask questions, get responses that are revealing then reveal a little too. Hold off the urge to tell your date your whole life story because it’ll feel suffocating and yes, overwhelming.

5. No religion and no politics topics

Controversial topics will only make you too excited or worse, judgmental. Your date will most likely remember you for this undesirable behavior which is why its best to stick to topics that are light, fun, and will provoke interesting responses.

6. Avoid ex-talk 

Unless its a question directly posed. Your negative feelings about the person who tore your heart up will make you sound bitter or as if you’re not over them. No one comes to a first date to play the therapist.

7. Speak well of yourself

Don’t lie, of course. Statements such as “I’m terrible at dating” are not appealing. Yes even if they are meant as jokes. Don’t try to mention all your flaws in one sitting. Hearing someone speak ill of themselves is no different from someone painting your walls and complaining about how much they suck after they’ve done the job.

First dates are generally no walk in the park but if you take a deep breath and remember these tips you’ll be surprised at how awesome you’ll be. Stumbling a bit, a mistake here and there plus some awkwardness is are all part of the package. It just can’t be helped. But with this list, you’re ready. All the very best!

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