At What Point Does A Relationship Become Long-Term?

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So at what point does the time relationship milestone become relevant? A year? Two years? A few months maybe? Here are some pointers that will help answer that frequently asked question. 

Short term relationship vs Long term relationship

Our selection of relationships reveals a lot about what we feel our vital needs are.

Short term relationships  (which are usually a few weeks, a month, seasonal) happen when, perhaps, an individual doesn’t want to deal with the harder aspects of relationships such as moving in together, meet the parents or conversations about bowel movements.

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I have a friend who had their mindset of not allowing a relationship to move out of the honey-moon stage. Most people believe that this is usually around 3 to 6 months into the relationship.

Then of course other people believe that a six-month-year-old relationship is long term to them. Knowing what your primary needs are is important in knowing what you want out of any relationship you venture into.

So when does a relationship truly become long-term?

Is your relationship long-term? (Telling signs)

  • Apart Time is okay

When you accept that both of you are awesome together and apart, then you’re probably in a long-term relationship. He likes running, but your lungs can’t take it.

She’s a window-shopper but this bores the life out of you so you do things separately sometimes.

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Allowing the other person to still be an individual reminds you of the things they do that you adore and why you fell for them in the first place. 

  • You’ve met the family!

Your partner’s family is an important part of who they are. If you’ve met and possibly spent some time with their family then it’s a long-term relationship.

Some people go as far as saying that you don’t only date your partner but their family as well. Then if marriage is your thing, you’ll marry off the whole lot of them!

Creating a closer relationship with a partner’s family enhances the bond between both of you plus you’ll gain an extra support system. 

  • Deep conversations happen often

If you’ve been in a relationship long-term, talks about deep intellectual topics, the future, who is doing the dishes or finances will eventually become a norm.

This is already a signal that you have great communication and planning skills, which you’ll need for the future. These talks are great for bonding too!

  • You share your problems freely

If you don’t feel like a burden-sharing your problems or life issues then you’re in for the long-term. Your partner quickly becomes a strong support system that knows all the in’s and out’s of your life and you’re okay with it. 

  • You can order food for each other at restaurants

Your partner dashes to the toilet at the same time the waiter comes to take your order but you don’t panic. Why? You already know what they want to eat.

Spending huge amounts of time with another person, especially romantically means you’ll soon know what they’d rather eat at certain points.

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Or even food based on their mood. If you’re already thinking about what they’d want right now, it’s a long-term relationship. 

  • Words aren’t always needed

The stage where you can both easily communicate annoyance, delight, or irritability and they get it is magic in a relationship.

A simple eye-roll, head-tilt, or glare can have you both cracking up laughing.

At the point where they can decipher all your little non-worded communications is where you know it’s a long-term relationship. 

  • Absolute Comfort!

Insecurities quickly start to melt and you feel pleasantly comfortable around them.

I’m talking “bra coming off, comfy pants on and eating like a pig” comfortable around them.

They’ve seen your none made-up face, your moody days, and all that ugly. If this sounds like what you’ve got then you’re in one already!

Did you make it?

If your current relationship sounds like the one above then you’ve got your answer.

What other funny signs can you see in your relationship? I’d love to read about them in the comments section below. 

If the article above did not sound like your relationship at all then you’re probably still in a fairly new relationship.

Here are Top 10 dating ideas that are fun or romantic so that you can build that bond and still have an awesome time doing it!


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