Top 5 Dating Apps for Gay Men

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Gay and looking for a date but without the traditional hassle required to score one? Let’s walk you through 5 dating apps that can get you started right now!

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So you’re gay and looking for love on the internet? Or perhaps just sex without love? Or even both? Gotcha. If you’re already familiar with dating apps, then this article should be an easy skim. If not then brace yourself because sometimes it gets good. A little too good. Then on others, it can be disgusting and you’ll promise yourself you won’t come back but you do anyway. Why? Dating apps can be interestingly addictive. But not to worry, I also have handy dating security tips that’ll keep you ripe n’ ready!



I just had to start with this one. Boasting as the most popular one of them all, Grindr grabs the medal for the app that sets the general standard of how gay dating on the internet truly is. It functions by connecting you to the nearest guy to your set location. Brace yourself coz’ you’ll be seeing the same 20 or so faces (and recognizing them) when you go to your local supermarket for some veggies. Oh and this is even after they’ve turned you down.

Grindr stays popular (or loses it) because you’ll find just about every kind of person here. From the couple looking to add a 3rd guy who will save their failing sex-life to those merely trying to indulge their kinks. You do have the option to filter out what you view but ultimately, the closer someone is the more the app will suggest them.

The app has diversified a lot but there’s the option to alert a person that you’re digging their vibe pre-conversation. You can also get into the usual conversations that you expect on dating sites from “Sup wuu2?”, “top or btm?” , “send pix” and all that jazz.


Perfect for the gay man seeking a relationship, Chappy also attempts to cater to those just looking for something casual as well as those who aren’t quite sure. You might be interested to find that the app was developed by Whitney Wolfe who is the co-founder for Tinder and CEO of Bumble. Still pretty new on the spot, don’t expect to find as large a crowd as you’d find in an app like Grindr.

Chappy requires you to have a Facebook account for verification and sign up purposes. It then migrates the information that you already set up on Facebook. It has in-app purchases that are meant to enhance your overall experience with the platform. The bummer aspect for this app so far is that it’s currently only available in three cities, namely, Los Angeles, London, and New York.


Relatively queer-friendly, OkCupid quickly grew because of it’s hip and modern aesthetic that easily resonates with millennials. Best-loved for its clever use of the Myers Briggs test it has mastered modern dating habits.

These personality tests then make it easier for you to be matched to someone who likely has the same tastes as you do. Keep in mind that this is not a gay-only site but it makes sure that you view only what you want to see.

For all the statistics buffs you’ll be interested to hear that OkCupid is the most referred to dating site in the New York Times. That’s got to amount for something amirite? Considering it boasts of over 50 000 dates each week!  Most of it’s best features won’t be found on the free version of the app, however. And what’s the price for love?

In a month you’ll pay roughly around £7.95 for the basic subscription and £24.90 for the premium. After making these payments you’d have opened up the magic box that clears off all those annoying ads plus you’ll get to see people who have ‘liked’ you. Sorta like knowing all your crushes instantaneously. It’s not restricted to any one destination which means you can easily get lucky whilst on holiday. You also have the option when registering to state the exact type of relationship you’re looking for. Whether it’s simply hooking up, long-term relationship, business(yes, real business), or friendship.


Sometimes called PlanetRomeo or GayRomeo, it’s the best bet if you’re about all things freemium. The basic features are pretty decent. Yes, you’ll come across ads but nothing distracting. You’ll find all sorts of crowds here, professionals, casuals and lots of German-speaking men. Usage of the app and site are still pretty low in the UK so you won’t get as many suggestions. A truly cool privacy feature is the interchangeable GPS location for those who don’t want to be at the mercy of Judgy Nancy next door.


This is one of the most explicit dating sites you’ll come across. The aesthetic is not contemporary but don’t let that fool you. It has a large audience that probably migrated from Grindr for more action. Don’t join Squirt if you’re looking for a committed relationship. Nobody here is looking for that.

Upon signing up you’ll be asked a lot of questions that try to get as many details from you as possible. From sexual preferences, kinks, amount of body hair, and yes even cock size.  It can be tiresome but you’ll definitely know what you’re getting before you chat someone up. Get ready to research thousands of profiles before settling.

Don’t shy away from dating sites that seem predominantly heterosexual because a ton of them are slowly becoming hubs for sodomy too. Chances are pretty high that you’ll find more serious relationship types here, however.

Got any other gay dating apps you’d like to recommend? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this article you’ll like 3 date night ideas that gay men enjoy the most. 

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