Why This Year is Going to Be Your Best Year

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This Article is presented by: Laura Wilson-Brown
Laura Wilson-Brown is an Intuitive Lifestylist who helps her clients to navigate life using her Life Coaching skills. She owns a six-figure business, is a wife and mother

For most of us who’ve been stuck inside our homes, it may feel like connecting to others and finding that special someone was an impossible task. I mean, how do we find love when we can hardly leave our own four walls?

The good news is that 2021 is a year where all of that is changing. And while we may still have restrictions placed on us, there are many ways the energy of this year gives us a little more wiggle room to get those love vibes flowing.

Firstly, 2021 is a number 5 year in numerology, and this is putting a little zest to our step. We will crave freedom this year, be a bit rebellious, and even if there are restrictions on what we can and can’t do, this is very idealistic and creative energy, which helps us move around obstacles like they’re nothing.

I expect to see a hike in online dating and even online speed dating. There will be an uptick in those willing to put those creative ideas to the test and find new ways of connecting with others that don’t necessarily break the rules but either find a way of working with them or slightly bending them.

While many may scoff at the idea of online dating, well, at least those who don’t qualify for their millennial card, the truth is, online dating can give people a chance to connect in ways that take the pressure off. Rather than having it set up with pressure-filled expectations (who pays, do I kiss them at the end of the night or not, do they want to see me again), you get to suss out who they are in the confines of each of your own safe spaces.
Let’s be honest; it can be a little awkward to get a clear idea of who someone is by bumping into them at the grocers, but setting up a few online dates can take the pressure off and let you each relax and be yourselves.

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Speaking of being yourselves, after all of the isolation and distancing, we are primed for a little life overhaul. 2021 gives us a chance to begin to consider who we really are and what we really want out of a relationship. After nearly an entire year in isolation, all of which is still going semi-strong, we have more time on our hands to do the deep, inner work that we need to have the right motivation and foundation for finding love.
The excuses of just not having enough time or being unable to create the space have gone out of the window, and now more than ever, we have the spaciousness to hop on a Zoom with an expert who can bring to light our patterns and show us how to build healthy and enduring relationships.

Aside from not being crystal clear on what you really want and deserve, nothing is the kiss of death quite like going after love to fill a void or to validate your deserving of love. Hopefully, this was something you began exploring last year, but fear not, even if you didn’t, you still have time since it seems we still will be working from home and dealing with social distancing for a bit longer.

The inner work you do now will ultimately be how you can approach love from a whole place of knowing what you want and how to build a life for yourself that is already full. Making a relationship just the cherry on the top. The bonus? Think of how many times you set out looking for that special someone ready to settle down and who would treat you right, only to attract yet another emotionally unavailable, flaky individual?

When you heal your own wounds around love, you stop attracting those who were aligned with the old version of you, and you begin to attract those who are going to vibe with the new you! They’ll love you as much as you love you, respect you as much as you respect you, and give you the love you deserve. And honestly, what can be better than this when we’re on the hunt for love?

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