Dog Walks – The New Place To Find Love In Lockdown

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This Article is presented by: Fiona Firth
She is a pet nutritionist at Vet’s Kitchen.

Did you know that owning a dog could get you a date? No need to recruit unwilling friends anymore turns out your ideal wingman has been there all along, in doggy form. While we know meeting people is difficult these days, especially during the lockdown, surely there’s nothing to stop us from planning for the future? Not to mention, there are plenty of ways your canine companion can still help out, even with government restrictions in place. 

Outside of lockdown, dogs are the best ice breakers because unlike humans, they don’t worry about running up to a stranger and asking for some attention. And unless you’re unfortunate enough to meet someone who doesn’t like dogs – in which case you might not want them for a prospective mate anyway – then you’re already in! Once your dog has chosen their stranger to bound up to and show love, then it’s your turn to wander over and say hi. Within seconds you’ll be having a fun conversation about how cute your dog is…from there, the sky’s the limit! (Remember, this is only safe outside of lockdown. During the pandemic you must take extra care to keep your dog on the lead so as not to risk spreading the virus.)

If you follow the same walking route, it’s likely that you will start to recognise familiar faces as time goes by. Whether they’re fellow dog owners, runners or commuters, there’s a chance that if you keep meeting the same person’s eye, then they’re interested in you too. Next time you smile at your dog walking crush, challenge yourself to say hi.

Your dog can be the perfect first date accessory too. If you’re unsure about going to a bar with your love interest, why not suggest taking a walk with your dog around the park? That way, if the date’s not going well, you can always cut the walk short and head home. On the other hand, if things are going swimmingly, you can take your time! If there’s a lull in the conversation, you can always play fetch together too, or take some time to admire your perfect pooch.

As we know, the lockdown has made romance a lot more complicated. Nonetheless, online dating is still on the cards and there are so many ways to keep your Zoom chats fun and interesting. If you’re using a dating app or website, including your dog in your profile picture is a good way to stand out from the crowd and show your prospective match what’s important to you, so when they say, “It’s me or the dog” they’ll be ready for the answer! A lot of people have pet hair allergies, so showing someone that your dog is important can be a good way to filter out any unnecessary heartache.

The most important thing is to make sure you know what’s important to you in a partner. If you need someone to be as into dogs as you, then make sure you broadcast it! Taking your dog with you on dates and letting them sit in on zoom calls is a clear sign to whoever might be interested – if you don’t like my dog, you should probably take a hike. So while your dog can help you find a date, they will also help you decide who gets to stick around… 

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