5 Things To Do On A Second Date

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So you’ve met an awesome person, aced the first date, and are now looking forward to a second date? Here are some fun things to get up to that’ll push you to level three.

I’ll be honest, the first date was the easy part. Your date knows a bit more about you and knows you’re not a cuckoo, or have at least managed to act cool enough so it doesn’t show. Now comes the next step: Figuring out if you’re right for them.

The expectations bar is no doubt higher now but so are the chances of something lucky happening later. This should be your motivation in making this date super but without actually expecting anything to happen as well.

The ideas I’m about to share will be perfect for different personalities and will make sure you’ve hit the bull’s eye before you’ve taken your date to dinner.

So What’s Different Exactly?

The second date is more laid back. You both know each other so the nerves have sorta relaxed. Second dates include getting to know each other even more beyond surface conversations plus the high chance of a kiss. Unless you were an absolute boss and already made out with your date on the first date. *Applause*

So how can the second date be even better with another opportunity to get some lip-action? Here are the activities that will make sure you never have to go back to dating apps again.

Take A Cooking Class

Yes, yes this one pops on every list of this nature but that’s only because it actually works. This is for the creatives that actually enjoy cooking or are remotely interested. Keep it fun and light even if you mess up. The process will be fun and you’ll learn something that you can discuss later.

Visit A Stand-Up Comedy Show

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Laughter is forever, laughter is memorable. People generally like people that make them feel good. A few good laughs will help you learn how much of a good sense of humour your date has. Or a lack of it thereof. You’ll be able to talk in-between sets, which helps to still get to know your date.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Nothing brings out one’s adventurous side such as this. You can either create it yourself or have a professional do it for you if you’re a perfectionist. This idea will show how the two of you work best as a team or in collaboration. Ideal for an afternoon date you can have coffee or snacks whilst you go about your business. It’ll definitely be a fun day.

Bring Another Couple in the Mix

I’m talking about a double date. If you were introduced by a mutual friend, bring them along with their plus one. You’ll be able to closely assess how your date interacts with other people. It’s a grand idea too because it takes all the pressure off coming up with all the conversation cues.

Horse-back riding

If you’re an animal lover, this will give you the chance to find out if this is something you have in common. Neither of you ave to be pro’s and it’ll grant you an opportunity to delve into topics that aren’t work or family-related.

Got any other ideas that have worked awesomely on your other second dates? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

If you’ve followed this list religiously you’re making it to the third date, no doubt. These are the reasons why it’s going to be your best year. It’ll also be helpful to know the signs they don’t want a second date. Ni’Kesia Pannell has your back on this topic.

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