10 Easy Tips To Win Over Your Partner's Parents

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This Article is presented by: Kirsty Mason
Kirsty is a copywriter at Numan which offers Digital Healthcare for men

Meeting your partner’s parents is a daunting experience. Prepare for awkward welcomes, uncomfortable questions and a parent who believes their child deserves someone carved out of solid gold.

Yet some people seem to charm mum and dad with seamless ease – even staying close to a parent after a break-up.

The question is: How?

Always be helpful around the house

Expecting the parents of your partner to clean up after you will hit things off to a dreadful start. But cleaning up after yourself is simple. Want bonus points? Be extra helpful around the house. That means clearing the plates after a meal, helping to wash up and offering to cook (although you might want to avoid this if your culinary skills aren’t up to scratch).

Listen to them

No one likes to sit and listen to someone yatter away while they can’t get a word in edgeways. Although staying silent is just as damaging, make sure you also give them time to talk and regardless of how dry the conversation might be, really take the time to properly listen to them.

Don’t be overprotective of your partner

Remember that the relationship that your partner has with their parents is different to the relationship that they have with you. Don’t fight for their attention. Your partner can love their parents without loving you any less.

Be happy for them to spend time together without you

One of the biggest fears for a parent is having their child taken away from them. Encourage your partner to spend time with them, even if it’s without you. And don’t get jealous.

Show interest in your partner

Ask the parents what your partner was like as a child. Avoid insincerity but be positive about your partner. The parents will sense any resentment or negativity and feel that you’re not right for their child. Maybe the way your partner scrapes their knife on their plate drives you mad or the way they breathe like Darth Vader makes you want to throttle them, but don’t bring that up during a nice meal.

Never go empty-handed


Take a small gift with you to say thank you for letting you stay. If you want to go all-out, you could even write a thank you note. Flowers and wine are always a winner, and if you feel like they aren’t warming to you, a top-up of alcohol might help them to forget their concerns.

Dress appropriately

Although it’s 2021 and people should be able to wear whatever the hell they want, make sure you dress for the occasion. Yes, you’re killing it in that low-cut top but a nip slip at the dining table will be burnt into the memory of your partner’s parents until the end of time.

Be mindful if they follow you on social media

So you’ve hit it off with the parents and now they’re following you on social media. Great… right? Not if the first story they see is of you throwing up in a bucket after too many glasses of prosecco. If you don’t want your followers to be refrained from what is quite frankly, comedy genius, then think about hiding them from your story. Allow them to be blissfully unaware of your weekend shenanigans. That’s between you and the prosecco.

Don’t over-do it

If you’re trying too hard, it will show. Be courteous and helpful, but also hold back when it’s appropriate. Relax. And most importantly: be yourself. You’re the one your partner fell in love with, so let them see why.

Be yourself!

The likelihood is if your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you – then so will they. Have faith in who YOU are!

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