Top 10 Dating Ideas That Are Fun Or Romantic

Photo credits: JD Mason
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Coming up with decent dating ideas can be done. But fun and romantic ones your date will actually love? The ones on this list will do that and more.

Photo credits: Matthieu Joannon

The best dates are always those that include activities based on personality.

No. Not one that makes your date happy but leaves you feeling drained. I’m talking about activities that make both of you happy and feeling satisfied.

The ideas I’ve gathered below are carefully selected for a variety of personalities. You’re sure to find one or two that’ll match both your fancy.

The Romantic

I thought to start with the easiest one. Romance has been around for longer than you knew what it was. You’ve seen massive displays of it through your parents, peers, and yes even animals.

The activities connected to it may seem like cliches but goddammit they just work! You should absolutely try some of these out.


Not only is it classical but it does have some romantic-vibes in there too. You’ll get to dress up and act sophisticated. They usually have a price slash for patrons that are below 30 so you’ll save some cash too!

Plan A Weekend Away

Whether you’re catching a bus into the next city, cuddling up all day in a fancy hotel, or hiking, a weekend away can be the best date ever.

Attend A Comedy Show

Laughter creates bonds. If you’re still getting to know your partner this might be a fab opportunity to check their sense of humor. (or total lack of it)

Take A Painting Class

Seriously though. Ever watched the Titanic?

Go apple-picking, berry picking or whatever else picking 

Apart from the opportunity to capture amazing pictures, it’ll be a grand time to catch-up, have fun and bond.

The Fun


This is even more exciting if there’s something to win. Even if that’s just applause. If you can’t sing, karaoke can be a rewarding experience because you’ll also get a couple of laughs.

Whatever the reaction you get, you’ll both loosen up and have a blast in the process.

Treasure Hunt

From yard-sales, antique stores, thrift shops to flea-markets, there are dozens of interesting pieces that you could end up coming across.

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything but the finds can be thoroughly satisfying. Perfect for an afternoon then complemented by yummy desserts afterward.

Visit the planetarium

Stargazing is always humbling. It won’t take up your whole day which leaves plenty of room to do some other activity after.

Perhaps pick a different cuisine than you’re used to just to broaden your horizon. It’ll truly feel like you explored the galaxy along with an exotic culture.

Ghost Tour

This is quickly becoming a craze and you can be a part of it too. If your date is into the supernatural then they’ll gush over this one. Most of these haunted houses have guided tours so that’s something to have a go at.

Game Night

Not all fun activities require you to leave the comfort of your house. Buy some board games or card games, invite a few friends over and snack the night away.

It’ll be inexpensive and you’ll get to spend time with your friends too. You can easily make a tradition of this with your friends too. Ever watched Game Night?

Some of these ideas won’t take all day so if you have time you’re free to do a couple in a single afternoon and night. Which ones are you going to mash up together? Any other you’d have loved to see on the list? I’d love to read about them in the comments section below.

If this list feels meh, then perhaps you’ll be interested in a more precise one. Here are 5 date night ideas that lesbian couples enjoy the most.


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