Spicy Valentine’s Day Sex Ideas

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“This year we’re trashing cheesy valentine’s day gifts. We’re becoming bold and embodying the sex symbol we secretly are in our heads.” That’s it. That’s the mantra. 

Restaurants are great. A night out somewhere for Valentine’s Day is also acceptable. But is it truly unforgettable? Not really. Also, it doesn’t help that you’re surrounded by strangers who make it difficult for you to hear yourself think. Your partner most likely prefers something more intimate, and creatively kinky it’ll bring the heat up!

So before you opt for the boring and mediocre, I’ve gathered sex day ideas, sorry Valentine’s Day ideas that turn you into that sex symbol you hope your partner sees you as. 

Buy Sex Toys – Together

Think of sex toy shopping as searching for the best way to achieve pleasure. It’s an amazing way to keep things fun and far from “same-old”. Keep your options open but make sure you both feel comfortable with your picks. This might also spark conversations about your partner’s needs and desires. If it’s too much for the first time, you could still window shop and share “guilty pleasures” that you’d like to experiment with in the future. Don’t forget to draw in some dirty talk to get you steamed up for the sexy-sesh after. 

Try Some Bondage

Admittedly, this one will demand more badassery from both of you. Bondage works splendidly with handcuffs, duotone ticklers, and bed restraints but if you’re on a budget, use what you have. A makeshift blindfold, some ropes/sheets and a sexy playlist to sort the mood are all you need. Your partner’s erogenous zones are key for surprise sensations. 

Certified sex coach Gigi Engle says “By interacting with other pleasure centres on the body, you can excite your partner before and while you’re doing the deed, to make their orgasms more powerful”. If your partner is male, a study pointed out sensitive ‘hot spots’ that he wants you to include in the fun. 

Role Play

After the bondage, transition into role play or vice versa. Most of us loved dressing up as kids and role-playing. Try it as an adult but in the bedroom. It’ll spruce up your imagination and help you tap into your creativity a bit more. If you each have fantasies that you haven’t acted on yet, here’s a perfect opportunity to make them a reality. Whether you dress up or choose to take off everything, it’s still a part of the fun. If you’re going to be dressing up, plan out your day so that you get enough time to look at the part and act the part. Enjoy!

Edible Panties!

If you want to nibble the panties right off your partner, pick up some edible panties. You’ll easily find these in sex shops. They come in a range of assortments which helps if one of you is picky.  For instance, if you’d prefer something gummy, the strawberry undies are a good option. Also, these undies are available for both him and her so you can both have fun!

Sex Bucketlist

This is in the hopes that you got to read this list before Valentine’s day. If not, it’s not too late. Take some time out to create a sex bucket list. Gather up all the salacious snags you’ve always wanted to get tied up in and tick them off on the list. Make it even spicier by making it a challenge and giving ultimatums to whoever doesn’t get through their list or something like that. You’ll have a fantastic time and still learn more about your partner’s desires. 

Sensual Bathtub Sesh!

This one works best if you have a big tub. Think of it as getting dirty, whilst you’re cleaning up. You could opt for a pool if this is within your reach. Just be sure it’s a private pool! Clean up your spa skills by bringing those into the mix. If that sounds too difficult, stick to a couples massage then slowly slip into hot bathtub sex! 

The most important rule of this holiday is that there are no rules. Take nothing seriously, have tons of fun and get in tune with your kinky side. 

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