7 Sexy Tips for Valentines Day in Lockdown

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This Article is presented by: Duchess Iphie
Duchess Iphie is the UK’s leading black sex, intimacy and relationship coach

Valentines Day this year will be different because it is will be everyone’s first time celebrating Lovers Day under lockdown, whether in a couple or feeling sexy as a single. This will be a new situation for most because we cannot go out to dinner, have a city break, or even meet up with our partner if we are not in the same bubble. February 14th is usually when we choose to get excited and make an extra effort to show how much we love each other. 

Here is how Duchess Iphie – the UK’s leading black sex, intimacy and relationship coach advises how we can be more innovative in celebrating the love we have for our partners during the lockdown.

Be Prepared

Find out in advance what the love language of your partner is ahead of Valentine’s Day so that any gestures you choose to make are perfectly tailored to have a maximum romantic impact. There are five love languages in which people can feel aligned to words of affirmity, physical touch, acts of service, receiving gifts and quality time. If your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, then order that personalised gift. If their love language is Acts of Service, put the kids to bed before you get down to enjoy an evening together, if there are no kids help each other with the household chores so that you are both less stressed and have a free evening to explore each other.

Fun Fantasies

Think differently about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Is there a fantasy you want to indulge in, and you haven’t had the opportunity to do so before. This is a perfect time to discuss those fantasies and bring them to life. Imagine the fun you will have exploring and see if you can discover a new part of your partner’s body that turns them on. 

Why not try in indulging in food play by using fruit, chocolate, ice cream or anything else that tickles your tastebuds? If you don’t want to use food, get artistic with edible body paint and lick it off!

Virtual Va-Va-Voom

Those who are not physically together due to lockdown restrictions can still enjoy a sensual date virtually. You can enjoy a zoom seduction show that can spice up the online date.  

Why not try a playful striptease going as far as both of your feel comfortable? This allows you to dress up as sexily or as conservatively as you choose – depending on what persona you’re in the mood to display!

Words Over WhatsApp

Harness the romantic potential of WhatsApp and increase the sexual tension from afar by writing an exotic short story to read to your partner. You can plan it ahead so that you’re both ready to indulge your senses in the theme of erotica.

Why not record your story as a voice note if you are too shy to read it live to them on a phone or video call?

The Naked Chef

Consider enjoying cooking your favourite meal together, whether that be together or over a joint video call – just make it a naked session in the kitchen! The pleasure of sharing cooking skills, choosing the ingredients, giving each other mouthfuls to taste, plating up and eating together increases intimacy and deepens the connection in the relationship.

Flirty Foreplay

Block out an evening with none of the normal distractions of adult life, take your time to slowly explore each other’s bodies and re-familiarise yourself with each other’s erogenous zones, which can lead to an explosive sexual encounter.

Why not work having a shower together into your foreplay plan to prepare your bodies for the evening ahead, relax the muscles with warm water and take turns moisturising each other?

Seductive Sex Toys

Rather than worrying that bringing sex toys into a relationship is going to harm matters, use them to further explore what best for your partners and turns them on the most.

Why not spice things up under the sheets by playing the A-Z game, which can be done alone or together depending on your lockdown situation? The rules of the game are to use a sex toy on yourself or your partner, focusing on erogenous zones. Recite the alphabet slowly and see how far you can go before orgasm is reached.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate valentine’s day in lockdown, remember that you love each other. However, you spend the day, remember to make it memorable for you and don’t feel pressured to celebrate your lover’s day the way another person does. You are unique, your partner is unique, and your relationship is extraordinary.

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