6 Date Night Ideas That Men Over 60 Will Love

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A list of timeless date night ideas which your senior man will love that are not another dinner or movie for the sixth time in a row. 


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Coming up with date night ideas can be taxing.

Much so when it involves trying to figure out what your man would enjoy now that he’s over 60.

Credit: Joe Hepburn

The ideas shared at the beginning are suitable for that first date or a walk down memory lane.

If it’s a second date, congratulations because this is more critical than the first date. It’s that cherry on the cake that helps you decide if they are truly as amazing as they seemed on the first date.

The best way to confirm this is by indulging them in an activity they’ll adore. This will also score you points as an excellent date. Yes even if you’ve been married for decades. 


Over 60’s date night ideas: Art & Culture Lovers

Visit a new art gallery

Art galleries are classic and perfect as a date night idea. This is because they help you to quickly learn the preferences of your date along with figuring out how good their taste is. Not to mention the advantage of pre-created topics for the conversation at dinner, coffee, or even maybe some wine. Wink wink*

Credit: Jessica Pamp

Watch a controversial play at the theatre

Since we’ve already ruled out movies, let’s replace that idea with theatre instead. Find the closest one and pick a piece that will strike good and healthy conversation after. It’ll be a venture that you’ll always refer to later and that’s how dates become memorable! If your date is an intellectual fella, he’ll appreciate the good talk after it’s all done. 


Over 60s date night ideas: Foodie Couple

Plan A Food Tour

Food Tours are an absolute must for any foodies.

Credit: Laura DeWilde

If you’re a real foodie (like myself) you also know that these events can be closer to your neighbourhood than you expect.

Since they are usually hosted by big-name firms, find out from their websites, what their dates are, and locations.

Come ready with empty tummies to fill up on scrumptious treats and meals that you can talk about or eventually set an official restaurant date to.

If you can’t find any food tours then create your roadmap so that you can sample different tastes and cuisines. It’ll be worth all the work, trust me!

Don’t forget to check on any allergies that might ruin the whole date. 

Go wine-tasting

Your date will adore this date idea.

If it’s your first or second date together I understand how icy it can be unless you have a natural connection.

If not, keep in mind that wine makes everything easier, especially conversation. From discussing what tastes better, to him complementing your awesome date skills, this is one for try-outs.

The beautiful backdrop works for beautiful photographs as well as a calming ambiance. 


Over 60’s date night ideas: Getting up close and personal

Dinner Cruise

This idea brings with it two ideas that will have your date gushing over you: A cruise plus dinner.

The cruise will be more special if you manage to catch a view of the sunset. Unbearably romantic, the dinner ensures that you get a special one-on-one with your handsome date with a backdrop to die for!

Classical reminiscences of this scenery create an unforgettable date that ends on a personal intimate note.

A dinner cruise might break the bank so if you’re not sure about spending that much then send subtle ‘cruise’ hints and if you’re lucky he’ll break his bank! (evil laugh)

Beach Day

I once came across something that talked about how water is a symbol of time and how it holds a lot of memories.

Head to the beach with Mr Handsome for some fun in the sun (carry that sunscreen). A day at the beach encourages good conversation and perhaps sharing of life experiences.

Credit: Sam Williams

No doubt that you’ll feel so much closer by the time the date ends. If you like, this can be a double date which helps you see how well you work together as a team.

Having other people who will likely suggest activities keeps the both of you on your feet and takes the pressure from the date itself to other things.



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You’re all set! Which date idea caught your eye? Tell us in the comments section below 

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