3 Date Night Ideas that Gay Men Enjoy the Most

Gay male couple
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Scouting for the perfect date night idea for you and your man? I picked out some budget-friendly ones that’ll get you some man-on-man action later on. Read on!

Photo Credits: Christian Buehner

Dating is hard. Even harder when you have to come up with ideas for a date night. It’s especially difficult to come up with an idea that both of you will enjoy. So I’ve done my homework on the top ideas that’ll make your date extra smitten about you. Let’s get into them quickly.

Dinner & Underwear Affair

This is one that’ll require participation from both of you. Go shopping for the groceries needed to make your favorite meal together.


I’d personally recommend making something that won’t make too much of a mess like, say, pizza, or even meatballs.

Generally, food that requires more handling or assembling rather than actually cooking. If that’s not your liking then perhaps risotto for two or baking.

Put on a sexy apron with only underwear underneath as you cook away.

Dessert won’t be necessary afterward. He’ll be already looking at you.

Double Date Games

You can never go wrong with double dates.

Gather up all your favorite board games and invite your best friends over. Make sure they are coupled up so you won’t have anyone who is third-wheeling.

Playing as a couple ensures that if you win, it’ll be both of you and that further strengthens your bond and team play skills.

Games to play can be Charades, Heads Up, Cranium, Truth or Dare and of course, Never Have I Ever. Don’t forget to shop for snacks and wine!

Spa Night

Who doesn’t want a night that will likely end up with some man-on-man action? At-home spas are great because you always have the say on what salts and essential oils to use. It’ll also be refreshing if you’ve especially had a hectic week. And who knows, you might end up finding another sweet spot that you hadn’t explored *wink wink*. Play all your favorite bedroom tracks and light your luscious-smelling scented candles. Your friends will be super envious of your spa nights and will soon plan their own. I did promise that this would be a budget-friendly list 🙂

The best activities on date nights are always the ones that bring you and your man closer together. Ones that remind you of why they are The One.

Which idea are you going to try out? I’d love to know which one in the comments section below. Did you enjoy this article? If you did then you’ll absolutely want to explore the Top 10 dating ideas that are fun or romantic.

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